Month: Monday March 25th, 2013

Schweiz SAC Rossberg Senioren Skitouren und Kulturreise in Bulgarien

I was skiing first time in Bulgarian mountains back on 2009, with a Swedish group. I meet first time for a ski tour in Romanian mountains, and then we went to Bulgaria for another week, but three years later. More or less was the same on this situation. We skied in Romania on 2011, and on this year we went together for a ski tour in Bulgarian mountains, Rila and Pirin mountains, climbing the highest peak in Bulgaria, Musala peak at 2925 m high.

We were there for 10 days, enjoying skiing and some cultural visits. We were very lucky with the first p… (>>>)

Reisenotizen aus Siebenbürgen

Reisenotizen aus Siebenbürgen A report from a tour with Dr. Zauke & family, from Germany. An interesting view of a walking tour in Romania from a interesting person.

Enjoy reading, Iulian

Im August 2012 reisten wir nach Rumänien, um unsere Tochter Claudia zu besuchen, die mit 30 Wandergesellen in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) für einen Monat gearbeitet hat. Rumänien war für uns ein weißer Fleck auf der Reiselandkarte. Hermannstadt wurde um 1150 von Siedlern aus Gebieten links des Rheins gegründet. Sie wurden Sachsen genannt, nach de… (>>>)

Ski touring trip in Romania, Bucegi mountains

Sheila was having something for what some of us just dream, one month ski holiday in Europe. Well, I can start this story back in 2009, when we start to talk about Romanian mountains, traverse of Fagaras main ridge. in Summer of course. After two years, in September 2011 we did the Fagaras main traverse, in just 5 days, excellent tour. You may see the photos here. Well, after the hike we did in Fagaras, and why not, after the photos from my ski touring tours I send to Sheila, she decided that one week from the four weeks skiing holiday in Europe, … (>>>)