Month: Wednesday October 17th, 2012

Haute route of Carpathian mountains, traverse of 7 mountains in Romanian Carpathians

It was a tour like not other! In 11 days we hiked ~230 km, we climbed 12.000 meters and we descent 12.000 meters. Yes, in Romanian Carpathian mountains! And we hiked in wild mountains, where we meet just shepherds, sheep and dogs, and as usualy just few persons.

Juergen and Michael came from Germany, with a only wish: to do a traverse of Carpathian mountains in Romania, and we did it!

I hiked all of this mountains many times, but not in row, so also was really pleasure for me to do this tour! We stay in mountain huts, mountain refuge and tents! W… (>>>)

Mountain biking in Romania across the Carpathians

The flying Dutch across the Carpathians Karin, Yvonne, Angelique and Henk came to Romania this September to do a “TransCarpathian” ride on mountain bikes. Even if the trip was an “advanced” one, they got more than they bargained for. The climbs were longer and more difficult than expected (on or off the bike), the descents more technical – generally what we consider being “advanced” mountain biking was a closer match to what our Dutch guests considered an “expert” level… (>>>)

Hiking in Carpathian garden, Romanian mountains

Sometimes less is more, even in mountaineering Every now and then we have guests that overestimate their abilities – or underestimate the difficulties of the Romanian trails high up in the mountains. The altitudes here are not as impressive as in the Alps or the Dolomite mountains (the main ridges are just above 2000m with highest peaks barely scratching the 2500m limit), but the vertical drops from the valleys to the main ridges are more or less similar, with equally demanding trails. We are proud to say that we never let that sp… (>>>)

Bergwandern in Rumänien Karpaten

Wenn eine Touristengruppe aus dem Süd Tirol ein anderes Wander-Reiseziel als die Dolomiten auswählt, dann denke ich, dass Dieses etwas Besonderes an sich haben muss. Und wenn manche von den Gästen auch ein zweites Mal an denselben Ort zurückkommen, dann müssen die Berge wirklich etwas an sich haben. Dies, weil die Dolomiten fast alles bieten, was man sich als Bergsteiger wünschen könnte.

Und so haben sich manche von meinen Gästen entschieden auch ein zweites Mal in die Rumänischen Karpaten zu kommen um wandern zu gehen. Ich habe au… (>>>)

Walking in countryside of Romania, trekking tours in Carpathian mountains

“Hello Iulian, I have been on your website several times and I must admit I am very amazed by the scenery of the Romanian countryside. It is awesome. I am from Canada and I am seriously thinking about taking a hiking trip to Romania with my whole family. Robin” Like this was starting my conversation with Robin from Canada, early on May 2012, about a walking tour in Romanian countryside! And they came in early October for a walking tour in Romania! As you may see on the photos below, we enjoyed a great weather during our walki… (>>>)

Hiking in Carpathian mountains, Romania, Fagaras mountains, Transylvanian Alps

I always love to hike in Fagaras mountains on autumn, and when Anja ask me to plan a tour where we’ll meet nobody, I was happy to propose her a tour in Fagaras mountains, because there you meet nobody. And like this it was!

We hiked for 5 days, on very god weather and some cloudy days, but we both enjoyed the beautiful sunsets and silence of the mountains, and not the last the cranberries from the forest of Barcaciu hut, in West of Fagaras mountains.

We also spent a night in Ucea de Sus village, where is still possible to realize what is mean … (>>>)

Bergfreunde auf Wanderung zur rumänischen Karpaten und das Donaudelta, Rumänien

Lieber Julian, zum zweiten mal waren wir mit Dir unterwegs, diesmal erst im Donau-Delta, dann quer durch Rumänien in die Karpaten. Wie beim ersten mal hast Du es geschafft uns von anfang an aus unserem Alltag heraus zu holen. Alles war hervorragend geplant und wunderbar in die Tat umgesetzt – unsere Unterkünfte, die Verpflegung und natürlich die Touren und die Besichtigungen. Jeder Tag war ein neues Erlebnis. Du hast uns Rumänien wieder einen Schritt näher gebracht. Wir hatten unglaublich viel Spaß. Es ist faszinierend wie … (>>>)

Walking tour in Carpathian mountains, Transylvanian hills

Was a walking tour in Piatra Craiului national park, and the mountains villages from the area of Bucegi mountains. Dr. Zauke came to Romania for an extended holiday, and also was coming to meet his daugther Claudia, who is  free travelling journeywoman, working as a roof maker. I meet the  this type of persons, free travelling journeyman, back in 2003, when I work with some of them at Valea Sambetei hut, in Fagaras mountains!

Weather was good, photos are nice, enjoy the photos! 🙂

Iulian… (>>>)

Walking in Carpathian mountains, Romania

Autumn is almost here, but we still enjoy warm days and blue sky! The tour presented here was done on the famous area of Bran village, on the high hills from this area, on the region of Poarta, Simon and Moeciu de Sus mountain villages, and not the last in Piatra Craiului national park.

Moritz, a German young man, who’s working in Bucharest since 4 years, was visited by his mother, and he take the opportunity of beautiful autumn days to show to his mother the beauty of the Romanian country side.

As always, our host was mrs. Minerva, who d… (>>>)

Sfarsit de vacanta pe dealurile Branului, drumetie montana

Sfarsit de vacanta pe dealurile Branului

Pe ultima suta de metri a vacantei de vara 2012, Simona si Magda le-au adus pe Bianca si pe Sofie in Tara Branului, la o cura de aer de munte, sport si mancare sanatoasa. O finala incarcare de baterii inaintea noului an scolar. Dupa cum vedeti in fotografiile de mai jos, vremea a fost minunata, locurile de exceptie. Chiar daca nu e evident din fotografii, mancarea a fost si ea pe masura – portiile fara numar de supe si ciorbe savurate de Sofie stau marturie. Doamna Minerva, gazda noastra din sa… (>>>)