Month: Friday June 25th, 2010

O che bello! – mountain biking in Romania, South East of Transylvania

O che bello! – mountain biking in Romania

One year after spending a ski-touring week in the Bucegi and Făgăraş, Mario kept his promise of returning to the Romanian mountains. Together with five friends from Switzerland and Italy, this time he came for six days of pedaling on the dirt roads and trails of the mountains near the city of Braşov.

Combining my long experience in organizing tours for mountaineers from all over the world with Horia’s comprehensive knowledge of the mountain biking routes around Braşov, we put tog… (>>>)

Rhododendron hiking tour in Fagaras mountains


I was hiking for the first time on Dragus north ridge with my father, back on summer on summer of 1988… and I still have good memories! We start our hike from Breaza village, on the old border between Austro-Hungarian empire and Romania, climbing up to Traznita cliffs on Cataveiu ridge, and descending from Cheia Bandei peak to Valea Sambetei hut.

I remember that was a strong rainy day, and we slept on the corridor of Sambata valley, on some wet mattresses…. Was not a easy hike, and was not a easy night for a teenager o… (>>>)

Hiking in Romania, climbing highest peak in Romania

I was contacted by Dr. Roehl three years ago, for a hiking tour in Romania. Of course in Fagaras mountains:) And on each year he was pretty busy, or he didn’t find any other persons interested for a tour in Romania.

Why Romania? What you can do there? Is just a country in East Europe from where are coming those persons who stole our cars from West Europe… And of course I’m agree with this type of thinking! But on the same time I think that Romania have a lot of things to offer to persons from all over the world, not only from West … (>>>)

Hill walking in Transylvania, tailor made hiking tours in Romania


At the end of May I did a hiking and a walking tour on one of my favorite regions to take pictures, on the hills of Bran county! I’ve been hiking and walking with Jo and Dave, witch were in Romania visiting some friends, and also to discover some more from Romania!And I think we had a nice tour, despite the strong rain in one of the days, who didn’t allow us to traverse Bucegi mountains. But we’re “happy” to see a bear female with her cubs, and I think the adventure was completed!

Not the last, my speci… (>>>)

Charity walk in Transylvania

On end of May 2010, 25-31, I did a 5 days walk on South  East part of Transylvania with a group from Ireland, who ‘been here for a charity  walk! We walk on Predeal area, at the bottom of Bucegi mountains to Diham chalet and Poiana Izvoarelor chalet, tours who offered tremendous view to East part of Bucegi mountains, and on the hills of Bran castle! Not the last we enjoyed a short walk on snow, on Balea Lac glacier valley!

I hope the tour help them to rise new founds for their fighting blindness!

Best wishes, Iulian Cozma… (>>>)

Long distance hike in Transylvania

I meet Mike few years ago, when he ask me to organize a 2 days tour in Fagaras mountains, climbing Moldoveanu peak, the highest in Romanian mountains! We climb the peak on 2 days, from Victoria town via Tarata ridge and Podragu hut, and we descend very fast on Vistea Mare valley. It was a really really nice tour, and I like the speed of the tour!

Few weeks ago I meet Mike again, and we traverse Piatra Mare mountains, in vicinity of Brasov, starting from Dambul Morii, over Piatra Mare peak, and finishing our tour on  Predeal town ski slopes, afte… (>>>)