Bucegi and Fagaras mountains traverse – August 2008

I am glad to write a testimonial about a trip that me and my wife had in Romania with Iulian, but first a few words about me and Romania. I have been a lot of times in Romania in my childhood, amassing country, amassing and very kind people (even at hard times – before 1989). At the beginning of 2008 I decided to have a trip with my wife in Romania around August, we decide that the trip will be a trek without courts but a lot of walking and will include the highest peak of Romania. The area of the trip I choose my self after a lot of reading about Romania and I was looking for a guide (not necessarily a Romanian). The search on the internet led us to Iulian time after time. I contact him and we talked a lot of times by phone and by email, he left a very good impration of a real pro that know and love his country. During April to August 4 more people join us to our “Adventure”. At the preparation time (4 month) I was in contact with Iulian daily with a lot of equations and every time I was answered with a lot of patience. Our first meeting was at the airport, just on time, and we hit the road. At the beginning of the trip Iulian helps us with some missing equipment from his own, high end, and don’t ask us for extra money. Always answer with a smile. During the trip he always was available few questions about the view, about Romania and for any conversation. He was patience, we were six young people, always punctual, all the slipping chalets were in a very good condition. To summaries – I was looking for a guide and I find a friend. I have no doubts that I will be a lot of times in Romania and most of them with Iulian. Our trip with Iulian was – 3-11/8/2008

From Israel – Paz Roth, Etti Roth, Nataly Lisitsin, Hanna Shapira, Ronny Tuttnauer, Esty Golerkansky