Trail Geschichte

Rumänien erkunden, Berge und Kultur genießen

In brief, it was like this: we all enjoyed a two week tour in Romania, yes in Romania, meaning that we explored half of the country, driving, walking and tasting delicious food!
In detail, we were in Bucharest, Sinaia, Bucegi mountains, Simo… (>>>)

Fahrrad Geschichte

Israelische Mountainbiker im Bucegi-Gebirge

The Israeli mountain bikers seem generally reluctant to go for a full-mountain experience. Lacking experience in tackling long ascents and natural mountain trails, they more often than not opt for „safer“ programs, with m… (>>>)

Schnee Geschichte

Einfach: Pulver Splitboarding in Karpaten

At the beginning of our tour, Bucegi mountains were just a big desert, without sand, sorry, snow! But at least was blue sky! Second day, the same blue sky, but we manage to find some nice powder for some long lines! Well, then we had a situation,… (>>>)

A conversation with a Romanian taxi driver in London a few years ago put Romania on
my travel radar. He enthusiastically described the beautiful scenery and many hiking options
available in his home country.
From the beginning of our correspondence with Iulian, he was prompt and efficient in
dealing with our enquiries which gave us confidence in his professionalism.
The outstanding feature of Iulian’s company is that it genuinely offers tours which are
tailored to … (>>>)

We are 4 Israeli Bikers who have been on two previous European Bike Trips.
We have been riding for 15 years and have a lot of experience.
But this last week exceeded it all by far.
From the minute that we were met at the airport until the last drop off back at the airport, a week later, it was all about personal attention, responsibility and true caring that was displayed by our amazing guide Horia.
Behind the scenes a lot was going on in the logistics department but up front it as all abo… (>>>)

Habitués des raids à ski nordique ou alpin sous (presque) toutes les latitudes, nous souhaitions cette fois explorer les Carpates roumaines. Nous n’en connaissions guère plus que les créatures fantastiques qui peuplent notre imaginaire collectif quand on évoque la Transylvanie.

Il nous fallait donc trouver un guide local. Nous avons découvert ton site, cher Iulian, et avons été séduits par le professionnalisme qui s’en dégageait. Après quelques éc… (>>>)