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Wildflowers walking in Transylvania, active family holiday in Romania

Wildflowers walk in Transylvania, active family holiday...

As usual on each year I do I walk on backyard of Brasov, the high hills of Rucar Bran pass. This year I enjoyed this walk together with a Danish family, which were astonished by our nature, and not the last, by our wild flowers.
This year was somet… (>>>) (>>>)

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Mountain biking on Bran Country trails, Transylvania, Romania

Mountain biking on Bran Country trails, Transylvania,...

Fun in the mud on Bran Country trails
Unexpected familiar weather was waiting Martin, Pat and Ryan in Brasov when they came to Romania for a mountain bike tour in the Bran Country. Based in Amsterdam and London, the three friends were accusto… (>>>) (>>>)

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Ski touring experience in Romanian mountains

Ski touring experience in Romanian mountains

For Monika was the 6th ot 7th time in Romanian mountains, and the 3rd for ski touring. And this year she came with a group of 4 friends for one week ski touring in Bucegi and Fagaras mountains.
Our plans were a little bit changed by the snow condit… (>>>)


חזרנו מטיול של 10 ימים בהרי הקרפטים ברומניה. טיול מיוחד ומקסים שנתפר עבורנו כחליפה אישית. כל מה שרצינו ראינו ועשינו, טיילנו ברגל בשבילי הרים ויערות, בלב נופים מופלאים, נדדנו בין בקתות הרועים לחוות האיכרים כשאנו טועמים מכל טוב הארץ, ביקרנו בארמו… (>>>)

What an amazing time again with your team!
Thank you for making us discover an other face of Roumania, we really enjoyed it very much.
And again, I cannot stress enough how much your team is great, human, natural etc… I highly recommend Iulian Cozma’s team to any mountain/bike/culture lover!
Roumania is an amazing country such as it’s inhabitants.

See you soon hopefully! :)))
Eileen – photos here… (>>>)

Adding ten days of hiking in Transylvania to our down-the-Danube cycling trip Annabel and I sought to top off one adventure with another. Logically, our erratic way of communication should have led us straight into the desert, but thanks to Iulian’s golden patience we got golden Horia to take us through Postavaru, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains. A somewhat unseasonal snow storm greeted us upon arrival in Brasov October 1st. Our exceedingly wild expe… (>>>)